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Cigarette smoke impairs ability to fight disease

University College Dublin researchers in the obesity immunology research group in the Education Research Centre, St Vincent's University Hospital led by Professor Donal O’Shea have demonstrated for the first time that ...

dateMar 04, 2011 in Health
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Assumptions about exo-oceans

Some estimates indicate that 25% of Sun-like stars have Earth-like planets. A new study now shows that these planets are almost certain to have oceans if they are located in the right temperature zone around their host stars.

dateMar 04, 2011 in Astronomy
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Microfabrication: The light approach

Materials that conduct electricity but which are also transparent to light are important for electronic displays, cameras and solar cells. The industry’s standard material for these applications is indium tin oxide (ITO), ...

dateMar 04, 2011 in Nanomaterials
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Study finds weight gain linked to dementia

Dementia and obesity are two of Australia’s biggest public health problems and the relationship between them is now one step closer to being understood, thanks to new research from The Australian National University.

dateMar 04, 2011 in Health
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New shrimp named after scientist

It’s a new species of shrimp and it’s been named Princaxelia jamiesoni after the University of Aberdeen scientist who discovered it in trenches at the bottom of the North West Pacific Ocean.

dateMar 04, 2011 in Plants & Animals
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Beating cancer with immune cells

The fight against cancer has received a significant boost with a medical breakthrough by researchers at The Australian National University.

dateMar 04, 2011 in Cancer
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