Archive: 01/4/2006

Wave and WaveRider in broadband merger

North American broadband companies WaveRider and Wave Wireless announced a merger Wednesday that will facilitate the launch of new products.

Jan 04, 2006
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Search engine picked for China IPv6 router

A Silicon Valley firm has been selected to supply network search engines for the first core router of China's IPv6 next-generation Internet Protocol.

Jan 04, 2006
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Ice Age clues unearthed from construction hole

Long before the finishing touches are made to UW-Madison's Microbial Sciences Building, a small but significant bit of science has emerged from the hole where the $120 million, 330,000 square-foot structure is emerging.

Jan 04, 2006
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Team-content wireless cards for U.K. fans

Fans of two British soccer teams can now buy cards for their cell phones that will deliver content specific to their favorite clubs.

Jan 04, 2006
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Laser sheds light on stroke patients

A technique that creates and images blood clots in the brain may help researchers understand the small strokes implicated in many forms of dementia.

Jan 04, 2006
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China excited for IPTV

Its government may impose stringent regulations on the media sector. It may still suffer from inadequate bandwidth and rampant piracy problems, and Internet protocol television or IPTV may still be in its infancy there. Yet, ...

Jan 04, 2006
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The Web: Women vs. men online

Men and women use the Internet rather differently, with women employing e-mail more often than men to communicate with family and friends, but with men logging online more frequently to obtain news or sports updates, experts ...

Jan 04, 2006
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No end yet to electronics boom

The housing market might be frothy, and the stock market's outlook is anyone's guess, given the prospect of still-higher interest rates and pricey energy costs. Yet the electronics sector remains buoyant about ...

Jan 04, 2006
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Displays that give a clear view

Displays made of organic LEDs are brightly lit but tend to be mostly opaque. Making them transparent opens up a whole new world of applications: OLEDs can be wedded with conventional LCDs and transform laminated ...

Jan 04, 2006
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Computers estimate emotions

Many computers are already able to see and hear. However, they have no way of telling whether their users are happy or angry. At CeBIT 2006, researchers will be presenting techniques that could one day enable ...

Jan 04, 2006
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Chemists probe combustion process

Chemists at the U.S. Department of Energy's Brookhaven National Laboratory, working with colleagues at Stony Brook University, have developed a unique experimental technique to measure the flow of energy inside a molecule ...

Jan 04, 2006
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