Archive: 10/31/2005

Nothing Like Oxygen For That Evolutionary Boost

Paul Falkowski says that from an evolutionary point of view, the absence of dinosaurs has been a very good thing for large placental mammals – less competition and fewer nasty predators. But it is not the ...

Oct 31, 2005
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SSETI Express: power problem

Since Friday morning, the ground control station in Aalborg has not had any contact with SSETI Express. Thorough analysis over the weekend indicates that a failure in the electrical power system on board the ...

Oct 31, 2005
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Managing Murphy's Law on Mars

This is it: the moment of truth. The spacecraft door has just clanged shut behind you, locking you and your fellow astronauts into the small cabin that will be your home for the next half-year's journey through interplanetary ...

Oct 31, 2005
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