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Dogs carrying hospital superbug

Veterinarians in Sweden say dogs may be spreading the MRSA superbug in veterinary clinics. The first Swedish case of a dog contracting the virus was recorded at a clinic in Stockholm last fall, The Local newspaper said Wednesday.

dateMay 31, 2007 in Other
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The general public lacks basic medical knowledge

The general public are worryingly ignorant about the symptoms and risk factors that contribute to serious medical conditions such as stroke and HIV/AIDS, according to a study published in the online open access journal BMC ...

dateMay 31, 2007 in Health
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An 'elegant' idea proves its worth 25 years later

The simple notion of copying the body’s own natural "waste disposal" chemistry to mop up potentially toxic nitrogen has saved an estimated 80 percent of patients with urea cycle disorders --- most of them children – according ...

dateMay 31, 2007 in Medications
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