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Researchers bridge superconductivity gap

University of California scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory working with a researcher from Chonnam National University in South Korea have found that magnetic fluctuations appear to be responsible ...

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Sony to establish ST Mobile Display Corporation

Second Manufacturing Base for Low-Temperature Polysilicon TFT LCD Panels for Mobile Products Sony Corporation today announced the establishment of "ST Mobile Display Corporation". This follows Sony's purchase of the LCD p ...

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To train the eye, keep it simple

Researchers find that human eyes learn best in an uncluttered setting If athletes, soldiers and drivers must perform every day in visually messy environments, common sense suggests that any visual training they receive should i ...

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The transparent organism

A novel high-tech microscope will be brought to the marketplace, giving laboratories everywhere fascinating new insights into living organisms. EMBLEM Technology Transfer GmbH [EMBLEM], the commercial entity of the European ...

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Bees show sophisticated learning abilities

Honeybees have robust and flexible memory systems that enable them to apply abstract rules to solve novel problems, according to new ANU research. Although the brains of these insects are very small, over the ...

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Dell Delivers Its Smallest and Lightest Notebook

Latitude X1 Weighs 2.5 Pounds, Designed for Travel, Extreme Mobility Dell, the leading supplier of notebook computers worldwide today introduced its ultimate notebook for traveling professionals, the LatitudeTM X1. S ...

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