Archive: 30/09/2008

Most adults under 50 unlikely need colorectal screening

Young adults without a family history of bowel disease are unlikely to develop adenomas, the colorectal polyps most likely to lead to cancer, according to new research directed by scientists at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer ...

dateSep 30, 2008 in Cancer
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Researcher Maps Genes of Destructive Parasite

( -- The genome sequence and genetic map for a microscopic, soil-dwelling worm that is one of the world's most common and destructive plant parasites has been completed by a research team, including UC Davis nematology ...

dateSep 30, 2008 in
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Painful heat sensed by 'painless' in flies

Japanese research group led by Prof Makoto Tominaga and Dr Takaaki Sokabe, National Institute for Physiological Sciences (NIPS), Japan, found that a small fly, drosophila, has a receptor for noxious heat. The research group ...

dateSep 30, 2008 in Medical research
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