Archive: 08/30/2004

First Encrypted Desktop-to-Desktop Messaging Service

FrontBridge Technologies, the enterprise market leader for message management and email security, today launched the first managed service for desktop-to-desktop encrypted email. FrontBridge selected Voltage Security Inc., a lead ...

Aug 30, 2004
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Improved Method for Nanometer-Scale Patterns Writing

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology and the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have developed an improved method for directly writing nanometer-scale patterns onto a variety of surfaces. The new wr ...

Aug 30, 2004
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Custom-Sized Microlenses

Optical components have joined the trend towards miniaturization. There have, however, been no methods available thus far to produce custom-sized glass lenses. A new process now enables the low-cost, high-volume manufacture of ...

Aug 30, 2004
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Piece of the Sun returns to Earth

In a dramatic ending that marks a beginning in scientific research, NASA's Genesis spacecraft is set to swing by Earth and jettison a sample return capsule filled with particles of the Sun that may ultimately ...

Aug 30, 2004
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