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iPods may help Asperger's kids navigate life

Sue Pederson knows that the teenage boys in her treatment program have trouble making conversation. They may not know what to talk about; or once they get started, when to shut up.

dateJul 30, 2009 in Other
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What's to become of Microsoft's answer to the iPod?

Microsoft Corp.'s quarterly earnings report last week featured a number of grim statistics, including a relatively overlooked, albeit steep decline related to its Zune portable media player_potentially adding more uncertainty ...

dateJul 30, 2009 in Business
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U r pwned: text messaging paves way for hacking

(AP) -- Getting a text message is akin to someone sliding a piece of mail under your door: You may not have asked for it, you can't stop its delivery and you have to deal with it whether you want to or not.

dateJul 30, 2009 in Telecom
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Game makers pause, reload: Are price cuts next?

Kathleen Byrnes and Justin Choi, a married couple attending medical school at Tulane University, say $40 is just too much to fork over for a Nintendo Wii game they might not enjoy. They haven't bought one since last fall, ...

dateJul 30, 2009 in Business
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