Archive: 06/30/2008

The perils of overconfidence

Overestimating one's abilities can have hazardous consequences. The overconfident investment banker may lose millions on a "can't-miss" start up or a driver who's had one too many may insist on making it home in the car. ...

dateJun 30, 2008 in Psychology & Psychiatry
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Rocketing Through Water

Swimmers around the world are breaking records this year like never before, including at this week's U.S. Olympic trials. Some attribute it to extensive training as athletes prepare to compete at this summer's ...

dateJun 30, 2008 in Condensed Matter
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Tree-killing fungus officially named by scientists

The USDA Forest Service Southern Research Station (SRS) today announced that an SRS scientist and other researchers have officially named the fungus responsible for killing redbay and other trees in the coastal plains of ...

dateJun 30, 2008 in
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Lasers, software and the Devil's Slide

Running for more than 1,000 kilometers along picturesque coastline, California's Highway 1 is easy prey for many of the natural hazards plaguing the region, including landslides.

dateJun 30, 2008 in Engineering
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