Archive: 06/30/2006

Can you hear me now? Not on Mars

It may be difficult for two people to have a conversation on Mars, according to a research paper by Penn State graduate student in acoustics Amanda Hanford and Lyle Long, professor of aerospace engineering.

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Broadband Report: YouTube plays with NBC

It's amazing how far the social video Web site YouTube has come in such a short time. In less than 12 months YouTube has reportedly had 9 million people a month visit the Web site, making it one of the largest and most trafficked ...

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Net neutrality divides bureaucrats, too

Net neutrality continues to wrangle members of the House and Senate as lawmakers debate the pros and cons of the U.S. Telecom Act. They're not alone in being divided, though, as government officials too made clear their opposing ...

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Globe Talk: World Cup not so mobile yet

World Cup fever has been a boom for big business, and not just for those in Germany. From airlines to television networks, the passion of soccer fans worldwide has generated big bucks across the board. What's more, there ...

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