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Samsung Q1 net profit surges to record high

(AP) -- Samsung Electronics said net profit surged more than six-fold in the first quarter to a record high on strong demand and higher prices for memory chips as well as increased sales of mobile phones and flat screen ...

dateApr 30, 2010 in Business
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Study: Roller coasters linked to common ear injury

The sharp turns, ups and downs, and high speeds of today's roller coasters bring a lot of thrills, but if you're not careful, the ride could also cause damage to your ears, say physicians at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit.

dateApr 30, 2010 in Health
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Sony's 'Dash' on sale now

Sony today announced that its new Dash, a Wi-Fi touch screen device that pushes real-time, personalized Internet content to users in their homes or offices, is now available for about $199 nationwide.

dateApr 30, 2010 in Consumer & Gadgets
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Common cactus could be used to clean water

( -- Access to clean drinking water is lacking in many parts of the world but most technologies to clean water to make it fit for drinking are expensive and hard to maintain. Now researchers propose a cactus common ...

dateApr 30, 2010 in Environment report
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Should Google stay in China?

On Jan. 12, Google announced that, because of a series of sophisticated attacks that seemed to originate in China and targeted the Gmail accounts of Chinese human-rights activists, it would cease to censor the results of ...

dateApr 30, 2010 in Other
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