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Two rockets fly through auroral arc

After days of waiting for precise aurora conditions, a team from the University of Iowa finally saw the launch of its two scientific sounding rockets from Poker Flat Research Range. The NASA rockets launched Jan. 29, just ...

Jan 30, 2009
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Physics, math provide clues to unraveling cancer

Biology exists in a physical world. That's a fact cancer researchers are beginning to recognize as they look to include concepts of physics and mathematics in their efforts to understand how cancer develops -- and how to ...

Jan 30, 2009
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European fusion computer comes to Julich

A new supercomputer will help us to understand the complex physical effects taking place inside the ITER fusion reactor. The computer known as HPC-FF will deliver computing power of about 100 teraflop/s and is optimally suited ...

Jan 30, 2009
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New, Unusual Semiconductor is a Switch-Hitter

( -- A research group in Germany has discovered a semiconducting material that can switch its semiconducting properties -- turning from one type of semiconductor to another -- via a simple change in temperature. ...

Jan 30, 2009 feature
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Omega-6 PUFAs and risk of cardiovascular disease

A new Science Advisory report from the American Heart Association recommends that omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), as found in vegetable oils, nuts and seeds, are beneficial when part of a heart-healthy eating ...

Jan 30, 2009
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Tobacco companies target girls

Tobacco marketing in South Korea has been deliberately aimed at girls and young women. Research published in the open access journal Globalization and Health has shown that transnational tobacco companies (TTCs) are using ...

Jan 30, 2009
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