Archive: 01/30/2007

Pond Scum: Fueling Our Future?

Utah State University researchers are using an innovative approach that takes oil from algae and converts it to biodiesel fuel.

Jan 30, 2007
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'Origami lens' slims high resolution cameras

Engineers at UC San Diego have built a powerful yet ultrathin digital camera by folding up the telephoto lens. This technology may yield lightweight, ultrathin, high resolution miniature cameras for unmanned ...

Jan 30, 2007
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Study points way to communicating nanotech

If you could paint a gallon of paint one nanometer thick, how much area could you cover? The surprising answer-about 930 acres, or slightly larger than New York's Central Park-certainly makes fun trivia fodder.

Jan 30, 2007
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Extinct parrot resurfaces in Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen Zoology Museum (UK) has taken care of a case of mounted Australian birds, one of which is the spectacular but sadly extinct Paradise Parrot Psephotus pulcherrimus.

Jan 30, 2007
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