Archive: 12/3/2007

Surgical glue

In a few years’ time, instead of fiddling with needle and thread, sur-geons may simply use glue to connect implants to living tissue. They took their idea from mussels, which can stick to any surface, be it porous rock ...

Dec 03, 2007
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Virtual factory on the tabletop

Many industrial processes involve reactions in places that are difficult to see directly. A novel tabletop touch screen allows hidden sequences of events to be observed in progress. It can be operated intuitively ...

Dec 03, 2007
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Peanut Allergies Showing Up At Much Earlier Ages

Children are being exposed to peanuts and exhibiting signs of life-threatening peanut allergies at much earlier ages, according to a new study from researchers at Duke University Medical Center, who caution parents and care-givers ...

Dec 03, 2007
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New map outlines risk of zebra mussel invasion

The spread of two invasive alien freshwater mussel species – the zebra mussel and the quagga mussel – appears to be controlled in part by calcium levels in streams and lakes and a new risk assessment based on water chemistry ...

Dec 03, 2007
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Keeping an eye on evolution

University of Queensland research has found the “missing link” in the evolution of the eye.

Dec 03, 2007
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