Archive: 3/11/2010

The medical minute: Hip and knee joint arthroplasty

Hip and knee replacements are among the most reliable and effective surgeries performed today. Patients with arthritis can expect excellent pain relief with a low risk of complications. Most current hip and knee replacement ...

dateNov 03, 2010 in Health
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Cosmic Curiosity Reveals Ghostly Glow of Dead Quasar

( -- While sorting through hundreds of galaxy images as part of the Galaxy Zoo citizen science project two years ago, Dutch schoolteacher and volunteer astronomer Hanny van Arkel stumbled upon a strange-looking ...

dateNov 03, 2010 in Astronomy
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Discounts offered in Facebook check-in 'Deals'

(AP) -- If you use Facebook to "check in" to your favorite restaurants or shops, you can now expect to see rewards and discounts from companies looking to drum up business and lure in loyal customers.

dateNov 03, 2010 in Internet
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