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Which grass is greener to power the bioenergy era?

( -- Talk about a field of dreams. Cornell bioenergy plant experts are learning which field grasses are the best candidates for "dedicated energy" crops in the Northeast, considering the region's climate and soil ...

dateOct 03, 2008 in
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Nutritionists show what beans are worth

Consider a natural alternative the next time you reach for that cupcake or soda as an afternoon snack. This snack leaves you feeling full, gives you energy, and simultaneously fights “bad”—LDL—cholesterol.

dateOct 03, 2008 in Health
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An 'electric' future for Formula 1 gearboxes?

Bristol University student, Niall Oswald, has won the e2v Award for the Best Electronic Engineering Student at the 2008 Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Awards for his final-year research project, 'A "More-Electric" ...

dateOct 03, 2008 in Engineering
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Arctic sea ice annual freeze-up underway

After reaching the second-lowest extent ever recorded last month, sea ice in the Arctic has begun to refreeze in the face of autumn temperatures, closing both the Northern Sea Route and the direct route through the Northwest ...

dateOct 03, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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