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Nanoshuttles move droplets uphill

A paper by a group of European researchers in the September issue of Nature Materials shows how to transform light-induced molecular motion into macroscopic motion of liquid droplets.

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Giving photochemistry a hand

Making molecules with the right handedness - either a left- or a right-handed arrangement of atomic groupings - is of critical importance to the pharmaceutical industry, as the two different 'handed' forms (called enantiomers) ...

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Helium-3 - all is not lost

Is there a reservoir of primordial rock deep within the Earth, left over from the birth of our planet? Geochemical data have traditionally indicated 'yes', but evidence from seismology seemed inconsistent with the survival ...

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Four-legged fish an evolutionary mistake

The "four-legged fish" Ichthyostega is not the "missing link" between marine and land animals, but rather one of several short-lived "experiments". This is what scientists from Uppsala and Cambridge universities maintain ...

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Honouring Einstein in the 21st Century

Canada's Perimeter Institute Hosts North America's Most Comprehensive Celebration Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics announced it will throw open its doors to the world and host North America's most comprehensive ev ...

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Branding is another headache for SBC, AT&T

As rumors fly that SBC plans to drop its brand and adopt AT&T's name when the two companies complete their merger, experts are mixed on whether or not they are doing the right thing. BusinessWeek Magazine is reporting thi ...

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