Archive: 08/3/2011

6 million years of savanna

University of Utah scientists used chemical isotopes in ancient soil to measure prehistoric tree cover – in effect, shade – and found that grassy, tree-dotted savannas prevailed at most East African ...

Aug 03, 2011
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The next STEP in science education

By many accounts, the picture of science education in the United States is bleak: American students lag their international peers in standardized test scores, fewer of them are studying science and engineering at the university ...

Aug 03, 2011
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Long-time mystery in cobalt oxides

The existence of an intermediate-spin (IS) state in cobalt oxides has long been a subject of dispute. A recent resonant X-ray scattering experiment has clearly demonstrated Co3+ eg orbital ordering in Sr3YCo4O10.5, ...

Aug 03, 2011
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Web search needs a shake-up

A University of Washington computer scientist is calling on the international academic community and engineers working in industry to take a bolder approach when designing how people find information online.

Aug 03, 2011
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Report: Global cyberattack under way for 5 years

(AP) -- A computer security firm says cybercriminals have spent at least the past five years targeting more than 70 government entities, nonprofit groups and corporations to steal troves of data.

Aug 03, 2011
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