Archive: 08/3/2006

Washington Getting a Summertime Air Quality Exam

Summer in the city can often mean sweltering "bad air days" that threaten the health of the elderly, children and those with respiratory problems. This summer the nation’s capitol has been no stranger to ...

Aug 03, 2006
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Sequencing the Genome of a New Kind of Methane Producer

About 10 to 25 percent of the world's methane emissions come from flooded rice paddies. Methane is a greenhouse gas produced by various groups of microorganisms (methanogenic Archaea). Oxygen is usually highly ...

Aug 03, 2006
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Baby 'planemos' can be born as twins

The cast of exoplanets has an extraordinary new member. Using ESO's telescopes, astronomers have discovered an approximately seven-Jupiter-mass companion to an object that is itself only twice as hefty. Both objects have ...

Aug 03, 2006
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Novelty aids learning

Exposure to new experiences improves memory, according to research by UCL psychologists and medical doctors that could hold major implications for the treatment of memory problems. The study, published in Neuron on 3 Augu ...

Aug 03, 2006
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Report: New test for breast cancer

An international research group led by Professor Jasminka Godovac-Zimmermann, UCL Medicine, has developed an ultra-sensitive blood test for breast cancer that could help to detect cancer at a very early stage and improve ...

Aug 03, 2006
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Solo living is a potential environmental time bomb

One-person households are the biggest consumers of land, energy and household appliances in England and Wales, with men between the ages of 35 and 45 being the worst offenders, according to UCL (University College London) ...

Aug 03, 2006
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What determines body size?

How does a growing organism determine what its final body size will be? In the moth Manduca sexta, also known as the tobacco hornworm and recognisable by its distinctive blue-green caterpillar, adult body size is largely ...

Aug 03, 2006
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Biofuels research searches for new sources

The words are becoming familiar, even if the products aren't: biofuel, biobased, biodiesel, bioethanol. All refer to fuel that's made from bio-produced materials such as plants. Chengci Chen (pronounced Chen-see Chen), an ...

Aug 03, 2006
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Report says teens don't often use condoms

A study has found most sexually active U.S. teenagers do not use condoms, placing themselves at a higher risk of developing sexually transmitted diseases.

Aug 03, 2006
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Dawn Log - Keeping Busy

Dawn continues to keep its human handlers very busy as preparations continue on schedule to meet the planned opening of the launch period on June 20, 2007. Much of June 2006 was devoted to conducting the comprehensive performance ...

Aug 03, 2006
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