Archive: 12/29/2005

Modified AFM Proves Critical to Uncovering Cell-growth Secret

Researchers using a customized atomic force microscope (AFM) have discovered new evidence for how the fibrous scaffolding within our cells, which is made of the protein actin, responds to obstacles in its environment.

Dec 29, 2005
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Climate change driving pika to extinction

The American pika, a small cousin of the rabbit, may be on the verge of extinction in the Great Basin, the high desert centered in Nevada.

Dec 29, 2005
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Online holiday shopping soars

Online holiday sales jumped this year, with one prominent survey reporting a 30-percent increase over last year's cybershopping.

Dec 29, 2005
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Famed oncologist dies of cancer

One of the best-known oncologists in the country lost his own fight with cancer this week, dying of melanoma at the age of 47.

Dec 29, 2005
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Terror enters India's IT community

Late evening on Dec. 28 terror finally struck Bangalore, India's IT sector hub. A masked gunman opened an indiscriminate fire on a group of delegates at an international conference on the peaceful campus of ...

Dec 29, 2005
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Bullied children abuse alcohol

A new study out of Oregon indicates children who are bullied in middle school are more likely to abuse substances in high schools.

Dec 29, 2005
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Chandra looks back at the Earth

In an unusual observation, a team of scientists has scanned the northern polar region of Earth with NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory. The results show that the aurora borealis, or "northern lights," also dance ...

Dec 29, 2005
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