Archive: 11/29/2005

Nano-based antiradiation drug

Balls of carbon atoms called buckyballs only a nanometer or billionth of a meter in diameter could serve as future antiradiation drugs to help protect against the side effects of cancer therapies or against dirty bombs, experts ...

Nov 29, 2005
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Gravity played role in New Orleans' bridge failures

Sir Isaac Newton did a number on the Interstate 10 bridges in New Orleans, according to a team of researchers at the University of Missouri-Rolla that helped document some of the damage caused by Hurricane ...

Nov 29, 2005
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KPO: India's new knowledge business

Patricia Hill lives in Freemont, Calif., and the mother of 14-year old Clark who is preparing to take his math challenge test soon was a harried parent until recently. Clark would often come up to her seeking help for math ...

Nov 29, 2005
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Shrinking waistline is all in the mind

Researchers have identified the area of the brain which controls perception of our body image by using an illusion that made people think their waists were shrinking.

Nov 29, 2005
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Shadows of Venus

The planet Venus is growing so bright, it's actually casting shadows. It's often said (by astronomers) that Venus is bright enough to cast shadows. So where are they? Few people have ever seen a Venus sha ...

Nov 29, 2005
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Can a standby label cut power consumption?

Everybody complains about high energy prices. And yet it's so easy to save electricity – simply by switching off electrical appliances completely, rather than leaving them 'idling' in standby mode. The Fraunhofer Institute ...

Nov 29, 2005
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Scientists closer to new cancer detection method

University of Florida researchers say they are a step closer to a technique to easily detect a wide variety of cancers before symptoms become apparent. The findings, currently online in the Proceedings of the National Ac ...

Nov 29, 2005
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Brain's 'true love' lasts only a year

Italian scientists have determined the brain chemical fired up when a person meets a "true love" doesn't last a lifetime, but rather, just 12 months.

Nov 29, 2005
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Software solution for overseas wireless

Boston software developer MobileSphere has unveiled a product it says will smooth out international long-distance capabilities for mobile phones.

Nov 29, 2005
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Tai Shan, star of the global pandacams

For weeks he has been the hottest ticket in town. Much has been made in the media of the difficulty of procuring tickets to see Tai Shan, the baby giant panda cub and "Peaceful Mountain" of Washington D.C.'s National Zoo.

Nov 29, 2005
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Report calls for IT education in Africa

Even in countries that lag behind in the information technology sector, there is a clear understanding that the gap between the rich and poor will only increase unless that IT divide is addressed. Yet some of Africa's richest ...

Nov 29, 2005
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