Archive: 09/29/2009

Considering usual medical care in clinical trial design

In this week's PLoS Medicine, Liza Dawson (National Institutes of Health) and colleagues discuss the scientific and ethical issues associated with choosing clinical trial designs when there is no consensus on what consti ...

dateSep 29, 2009 in Other
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Electric fish plug in to communicate

( -- Just as people plug in to computers, smart phones and electric outlets to communicate, electric fish communicate by quickly plugging special channels into their cells to generate electrical ...

dateSep 29, 2009 in Plants & Animals
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Senate climate-change bill to be unveiled this week

Two top Senate Democrats are set to introduce a climate-change bill this week that would put new limits on carbon emissions, as world leaders prepare for a climate summit in Denmark after agreement last week by the G20 nations ...

dateSep 29, 2009 in Environment
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