Archive: 09/29/2009

Appeals court upholds dismissal of vaccine suit

(AP) -- A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld a program that requires some members of the military to be vaccinated against anthrax over objections from service members who say the vaccine has not been proven to be effective.

dateSep 29, 2009 in Medications
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Next season on the box? Cheap and light TV

Cash-strapped couch potatoes forced to stay in thanks to the global economic crisis next season will be dished up platters of light low-cost entertainment as TV networks chase rare advertising revenue.

dateSep 29, 2009 in Telecom
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Living, Meandering River Constructed

( -- In a feat of reverse-engineering, Christian Braudrick of University of California at Berkeley and three coauthors have successfully built and maintained a scale model of a living meandering ...

dateSep 29, 2009 in Environment
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