Archive: 08/29/2007

Cocaine use related to level of education achieved

The decreased use of cocaine in the United States over the last 20 years mostly occurred among the highly educated, while cocaine use among non-high school graduates remained constant, according to a study by researchers ...

Aug 29, 2007
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Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Study Finds

“Breaking Up is Hard to Do” is advice from a popular 1970s song, but older women going through a relationship breakup may have health problems to go along with their broken hearts, a University of Alabama researcher has ...

Aug 29, 2007
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NASA satellites eye coastal water quality

Using data from instruments aboard NASA satellites, Zhiqiang Chen and colleagues at the University of South Florida in St. Petersburg, found that they can monitor water quality almost daily, rather than monthly. Such information ...

Aug 29, 2007
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Perfect projections on surfaces of any shape

Projecting brilliantly sharp images as a single picture onto curved surfaces has previously been a very elaborate and expensive process. Now a new software system automatically calibrates the projectors needed so that the ...

Aug 29, 2007
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Neurotransmitter current not flowing through ion channels

In studying how neurotransmitters travel between cells -- by analysis of events in the dimensions of nanometers -- Cornell researchers have discovered that an electrical current thought to be present during that process does ...

Aug 29, 2007
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Simpler Radium Test Cuts Analysis Time

A simpler technique for testing public drinking water samples for the presence of the radioactive element radium can dramatically reduce the amount of time required to conduct the sampling required by federal ...

Aug 29, 2007
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Riding in cars with smokers

It's Labor Day weekend and you have packed the family into the car for the two-hour drive to grandma's house. Because of the heat, you crank the AC and keep the windows closed. The problem is you are a smoker and after just ...

Aug 29, 2007
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