Archive: 08/29/2005

Finding a Way to Test for Dark Energy

What is the mysterious dark energy that's causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate? Is it some form of Einstein's famous cosmological constant, or is it an exotic repulsive force, dubbed "quintessence," ...

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Improving Security of Handheld IT Devices

Handheld devices such as personal digital assistants are becoming indispensable tools for today’s highly mobile workforce. Small and relatively inexpensive, these devices can be used for many functions, including sending ...

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Internet telephony enticing new users

Making calls over the Internet -- rather than over the conventional phone network -- may become the norm for corporations in the coming years, experts told UPI's Networking.

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Cinema goes digital

The future of cinema is digital: At the International Broadcast Convention IBC in Amsterdam (September 9 to 13, 2005), the Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Network will be presenting the latest developments in the field of Digital ...

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Scientists Describe New Way to Peer Inside Bacteria

X-rays yield pictures and chemical clues that may help trace contaminants, thwart terrorists As part of the search for better ways to track and clean up soil contaminants, scientists at the U.S. Departmen ...

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Cybercrime fears remain despite arrests

Terrorism authorities across the globe have been keeping close tabs on Muslim countries that may be breeding grounds for Islamic fundamentalism, but they are now finding that some of those nations might actually be a hotbed ...

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Verizon beefs up TV content

Verizon signed agreements Monday with The America Channel, Blackbelt TV, Expo TV, LIME and the Pentagon Channel for content for its own television network.

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