Archive: 29/04/2008

'Electronic ears' to guide mining drills

CSIRO scientists with the Minerals Down Under National Research Flagship have successfully used an electronic listening post to track and control a drill operating more than 300 metres below the Earth’s surface.

dateApr 29, 2008 in Engineering
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Bison can thrive again, study says

Bison can repopulate large areas from Alaska to Mexico over the next 100 years provided a series of conservation and restoration measures are taken, according to continental assessment of this iconic species by the Wildlife ...

dateApr 29, 2008 in
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Mars Express in orbit around Mars

Artificial intelligence (AI) being used at the European Space Operations Centre is giving a powerful boost to ESA's Mars Express as it searches for signs of past or present life on the Red Planet.

dateApr 29, 2008 in Space Exploration
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Safe water? Lessons from Kazakhstan

Despite significant efforts to improve access to safe water and sanitation, a new report co-authored by an expert at The University of Nottingham, argues that much more needs to be done.

dateApr 29, 2008 in Environment
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