Archive: 01/29/2007

Researchers discover zip codes for protein

McMaster scientists are very close to defining small molecule drugs that should be able to redirect the huntingtin protein from accumulating in the wrong place within brain cells, which could potentially translate to a therapy ...

Jan 29, 2007
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Does evolution select for faster evolvers?

It's a mystery why the speed and complexity of evolution appear to increase with time. For example, the fossil record indicates that single-celled life first appeared about 3.5 billion years ago, and it then took about 2.5 ...

Jan 29, 2007
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Cholera pathogen reveals how bacteria generate energy to live

Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have discovered new details about how bacteria generate energy to live. In two recently published papers, the scientists add key specifics to the molecular mechanism behind ...

Jan 29, 2007
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Novel laboratory technique nudges genes into activity

A new technique that employs RNA, a tiny chemical cousin of DNA, to turn on genes could lead to therapeutics for conditions in which nudging a gene awake would help alleviate disease, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical ...

Jan 29, 2007
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Major link in brain-obesity puzzle found

A single protein in brain cells may act as a linchpin in the body’s weight-regulating system, playing a key role in the flurry of signals that govern fat storage, sugar use, energy balance and weight, University of Michigan ...

Jan 29, 2007
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