Archive: 12/28/2006

Technique quickly identifies bacteria for food safety

Researchers at Purdue University have used a new technique to rapidly detect and precisely identify bacteria, including dangerous E. coli, without time-consuming treatments usually required.

Dec 28, 2006
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Researchers identify new drug targets for cancer

Solving a 100-year-old genetic puzzle, researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine have determined that the same genetic mechanism that drives tumor growth can also act as a tumor suppressor. ...

Dec 28, 2006
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Roadworks on the motorways of the cell

A cell is a busy place. In a permanent rush hour, molecules are transported along a dynamic motorway system made up of filaments called microtubules. Microtubules constantly grow and shrink and are rapidly ...

Dec 28, 2006
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Sex Ends as Seasons Shift and Kisspeptin Levels Plummet

A hormone implicated in the onset of human puberty also appears to control reproductive activity in seasonally breeding rodents, report Indiana University Bloomington and University of California at Berkeley ...

Dec 28, 2006
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