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Lab-grade economics

( -- Can economists conduct studies with solid scientific foundations? MIT's Joshua Angrist explains how to carry out 'natural experiments' with numbers.

dateSep 28, 2009 in Economics & Business
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Study Shows Atlanta Kills Off Start-Up Companies

( -- Atlanta is poised to become the nation’s poster child for how to kill off a burgeoning industry. A new study by professors at Georgia Tech reveals that the city’s reputation as a high ...

dateSep 28, 2009 in Business
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NASA Seeks Ideas For New Prize Challenges

( -- The Innovative Partnerships Program at NASA Headquarters in Washington is offering an opportunity for the public to help shape the prize challenges the agency offers to America's future citizen-inventors.

dateSep 28, 2009 in Space Exploration
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Whose Internet is it, anyway?

( -- Last week, the new chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski, broke with precedent by proposing federal rules that enforce Net neutrality -- the principle that ...

dateSep 28, 2009 in Internet
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Polar Sea Ice replicated in Hamburg

( -- As northern Europe enjoys a rather warm start to autumn, an international team of 20 polar scientists have brought icy winter conditions to the middle of Hamburg, Germany. They are studying the effect of ...

dateSep 28, 2009 in Earth Sciences
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