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Study identifies potential drug target for Huntington's disease

An enzyme known to be critical for the repair of damaged cells and the maintenance of cellular energy may be a useful target for new strategies to treat Huntington's disease (HD) and other disorders characterized by low cellular ...

dateJul 28, 2006 in
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Trust in real time for secure digital certificates

CertiVeR, a European research project under the eTEN programme, developed and launched a complete and decentralised service for certification authorities (CAs) and other users. The technology – a secure online certificate ...

dateJul 28, 2006 in Software
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Granicus and Tinjar Valles

The HRSC obtained these images during orbit 1383 at a ground resolution of approximately 23.7 metres per pixel. The images have been rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise, so that North is to the left.

dateJul 28, 2006 in Astronomy
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Researchers show how the brain turns on innate behavior

UCR researchers have made a major leap forward in understanding how the brain programs innate behavior. The discovery could have future applications in engineering new behaviors in animals and intelligent robots.

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