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All the carbon counts

Cutting down forests for agriculture vents excess carbon dioxide into the air just as industrial activities and the burning of fossil fuels do. But whether policies to stabilize greenhouse gases in the atmosphere ...

dateMay 28, 2009 in Environment
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Long-distance brain waves focus attention (w/Video)

( -- Just as our world buzzes with distractions -- from phone calls to e-mails to tweets -- the neurons in our brain are bombarded with messages. Research has shown that when we pay attention, some of these neurons ...

dateMay 28, 2009 in Neuroscience
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Congress can learn from Mass., Tenn. health plans

(AP) -- Laid off from her job in Massachusetts, Danielle Marks thought immediately about losing her health insurance. How could she afford the medication and physical therapy she needed to heal after shoulder surgery?

dateMay 28, 2009 in Health
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Hitting cancer where it hurts

Two studies in the May 29th issue of Cell, a Cell Press publication, have taken advantage of new technological advances to search for and find previously unknown weaknesses in a hard to treat form of cancer. The discoveries lend n ...

dateMay 28, 2009 in Cancer
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