Archive: 03/28/2007

First Steps to Mars

The landing site is unknown. The rockets are still on the drawing board. Some of the astronauts haven't even been born yet. Never mind all that. NASA's journey to Mars has already begun.

Mar 28, 2007
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Will climate change kill the Amazon?

One of the most profound predicted impacts of climate change was discussed in a landmark conference at Oriel College by scientists, conservationists and policymakers from Europe and North and South America. ...

Mar 28, 2007
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3-D Medical Imaging Reaches the Stars

A unique collaboration created by Harvard's Initiative for Innovative Computing (IIC) has brought together astronomers, medical imaging specialists, and software engineers to adapt medical imaging software ...

Mar 28, 2007
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'Darwin's delay' the stuff of myth

The long-held view that Charles Darwin avoided publishing his theory of evolution for 20 years because he was afraid of the reaction it would provoke is being rebutted as a myth by a Cambridge University academic.

Mar 28, 2007
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