Archive: 02/28/2007

New AMD 690 series chipset released

AMD today introduced the AMD 690 series chipset, the company’s first chipset to bring together the combined strengths of AMD CPU and platform technology with the industry-leading features of the ATI Radeon ...

Feb 28, 2007
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Scientists Expand Microbe 'Gene Language'

An international group of scientists has expanded the universal language for the genes of both disease-causing and beneficial microbes and their hosts. This expanded "lingua franca," called The Gene Ontology ...

Feb 28, 2007
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Angry? Breathing Beats Venting

While it is a common assumption that an angry person needs to blow off steam or risk going through the roof, research in psychology shows just the opposite. According to University of Arkansas psychologist Jeffrey M. Lohr, ...

Feb 28, 2007
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Toward tapping the potential of 'stranded' natural gas

Newly discovered chemical catalysts may be an answer to the century-long search for economical ways of using natural gas now burned or "flared" as waste in huge quantities, scientists in the United States and Germany report. ...

Feb 28, 2007
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