Archive: 11/27/2006

Vitamin E crucial to plants' survival of the cold, study finds

Vitamin E does not play the same role in plants as it does in animals and humans, scientists from the University of Toronto and Michigan State University have found. Rather than protect fats in membranes from certain kinds ...

Nov 27, 2006
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Astronomers find first ever gamma ray clock

Astronomers using the H.E.S.S. telescopes have discovered the first ever modulated signal from space in Very High Energy Gamma Rays – the most energetic such signal ever observed.

Nov 27, 2006
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Ecstasy can harm the brains of first-time users

Researchers have discovered that even a small amount of MDMA, better known as ecstasy, can be harmful to the brain, according to the first study to look at the neurotoxic effects of low doses of the recreational drug in new ...

Nov 27, 2006
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Rote learning improves memory in seniors

A new study offers older adults a simple way to combat memory loss: memorization. Researchers found that seniors who engaged in an intensive period of rote learning followed by an equally long rest period exhibited improved ...

Nov 27, 2006
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Quest for better breast cancer drugs

Breast cancer sufferers could eventually benefit from high-tuned, tailor-made drug treatments that minimize side effects as a result of a joint initiative between computer scientists in Edinburgh and cellular biologists in ...

Nov 27, 2006
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