Archive: 09/27/2010

There's a fund for that

Silicon Valley investor Matt Murphy is out to find the next great opportunity in mobile consumer technology. And he has $200 million at his disposal to pay for it.

dateSep 27, 2010 in Business
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Phone apps keep transit riders on time

Allen Stern says he had a 40-minute wait between buses when he lived in the Manhattan borough of New York City. Using a free mobile app that became available about a year ago, he could at least tap into the Metropolitan Transit ...

dateSep 27, 2010 in Software
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Learning curve goes digital

Oklahoma State University professor Bill Handy has big plans for the Apple iPad this fall. If the text messages he has received since the school announced he would test the tablet-style e-reader in some courses are any indication, ...

dateSep 27, 2010 in Hi Tech & Innovation
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