Archive: 09/27/2005

Preserving a 460 year old wreck

An international team of researchers has analysed the sulphur and iron composition in the wooden timbers of the Mary Rose, an English warship wrecked in 1545, which was salvaged two decades ago. The team used ...

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Penn Theorists to Create Optical Circuit Elements

Engineers at the University of Pennsylvania have theorized a means of shrinking electronics so they could be run using light instead of electricity. In the search to create faster, smaller and more energy-efficient electronics, ...

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Weighing Up Shenzhou 6

As we enter the final weeks before the launch of China's second manned space mission, it's time to weigh up the relevance of the latest tidbits released through the Chinese media.

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NASA Facilities Weather Hurricane Rita

The three NASA facilities that were in the path of Hurricane Rita are now making damage assessments and cleaning up. NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans and Stennis Space Center ...

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Molecule Walks Like a Human

A research team, led by UC Riverside’s Ludwig Bartels, is the first to design a molecule that can move in a straight line on a flat surface. It achieves this by closely mimicking human walking. The “nano-walker” ...

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