Archive: 09/27/2004

An important step toward molecular electronics

Silicon microelectronics has undergone relentless miniaturization during the past 30 years, leading to dramatic improvements in computational capacity and speed. But the end of that road is fast approaching, and scientists ...

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The Mouse That Soared

Astronomers have used an X-ray image to make the first detailed study of the behavior of high-energy particles around a fast moving pulsar. The image, from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, shows the shock ...

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World's Fastest 4-Gigabit AG-AND type Flash Memory

Renesas Technology Corp. today announced the R1FV04G13R and R1FV04G14R 4-gigabit (Gbit) AG-AND type flash memories, offering the world's fastest programming speed of 10 Mbytes/sec, for high-speed recording of large volumes of ...

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