Archive: 27/08/2008

Mortgage crisis: Blame the bank?

( -- Banks have played a big role in the mortgage crisis, not only because they issued loans to suspect borrowers, but because many originated and sold bad loans to other lenders, says a University of Michigan ...

dateAug 27, 2008 in Other
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New role for natural killers

Scientists at the University of York have discovered a new role for a population of white blood cells, which may lead to improved treatments for chronic infections and cancer.

dateAug 27, 2008 in Medical research
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Army personnel show increased risk for migraine

Two new studies show that migraine headaches are very common among U.S. military personnel, yet the condition is frequently underdiagnosed. The studies, appearing in Headache, the peer-reviewed journal of the American Headache ...

dateAug 27, 2008 in Health
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