Archive: 06/27/2008

SOHO discovers its 1,500th comet

The ESA/NASA SOHO spacecraft has just discovered its 1500th comet, making it more successful than all other comet discoverers throughout history put together. Not bad for a spacecraft that was designed as a ...

Jun 27, 2008
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ESA satellite assesses damage of Norway's largest fire

Following the extremely hot weather conditions hitting Europe, Norway experienced its biggest forest fire in the last half century earlier this month. Envisat satellite images were used in the fire's aftermath to get an overview ...

Jun 27, 2008
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MIT probe may help untangle cells' signaling pathways

MIT researchers have designed a new type of probe that can image thousands of interactions between proteins inside a living cell, giving them a tool to untangle the web of signaling pathways that control most of a cell's ...

Jun 27, 2008
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Researchers overcome chemotherapy resistance in the lab

Researchers from McGill University's Faculty of Medicine have discovered a compound that reduces resistance to chemotherapy agents used to treat cancer. Their results were published in the June issue of The Journal of Cl ...

Jun 27, 2008
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Cluster listens to the sounds of Earth

The first thing an alien race is likely to hear from Earth is chirps and whistles, a bit like R2-D2, the robot from Star Wars. In reality, they are the sounds that accompany the aurora. Now ESA's Cluster mission is showing ...

Jun 27, 2008
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New Quantum Strategy Keeps Web Searches Private

When an Internet user types a word or phrase into a search engine, the Web server has the ability to find out that inquiry. As more people and businesses are becoming concerned about privacy, researchers are developing new ...

Jun 27, 2008 feature
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Prebiotic potential of almonds

Almonds, as well as being high in vitamin E and other minerals, are also thought to have other health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol. Recently published work by the Institute of Food Research has identified potential ...

Jun 27, 2008
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