Archive: 06/27/2007

An alternative theory on cancer

Thirty-six years into the war on cancer, scientists have not only failed to come up with a cure, but most of the newer drugs suffer from the same problems as those available in the pre-war days: serious toxicity, ...

Jun 27, 2007
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Ion flow through membrane channels is dictated by particle size

Ion channels are small passageways that control the movement of electrically charged particles across a cell’s membrane. But they’re persnickety gatekeepers: Each channel allows only one kind of ion to flow through. Now, ...

Jun 27, 2007
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Strong Winds Fan Flames in Lake Tahoe Fire

A fire raging out of control just southwest of Lake Tahoe is threatening homes and has burned close to 3,100 acres since it was first reported on Sunday, June 24, 2007, according to the National Interagency ...

Jun 27, 2007
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Green Junta

A radical suggestion for creating a global infrastructure that is both sustainable and green might rely on nations working together to find a solution to a range of potentially devastating problems, according to Cardiff University's ...

Jun 27, 2007
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Outdoor alcohol ads boost kids' urge to drink

In the world depicted in an alcohol billboard, bikini-clad babes clutch icy bottles, frothy beer flows over frosty mugs and the slogan reads, “Life is good.” Ads like these may target adults, but children are getting ...

Jun 27, 2007
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