Archive: 05/27/2008

Structure of salt lake archaeal virus solved in Finland

Researchers at the Finnish Centre of Excellence in Virus Research at University of Helsinki’s Institute of Biotechnology have solved the structure of archaeal virus SH1 to the resolution of one nanometer. The results that ...

May 27, 2008
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DNA Fingerprinting Identifies Bean in Patent Dispute

A UC Davis plant scientist played a key role in settling a controversial intellectual property dispute that resulted in the recent rejection of a nine-year-old U.S. patent for a common yellow bean that originated in Mexico.

May 27, 2008
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The secret behind silkworm's hardy stomachs

Silkworms have a unique ability to eat toxic mulberry leaves without feeling ill, and researchers have come one step closer to understanding why: silkworms contain a special digestive enzyme that is not affected ...

May 27, 2008
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NASA Mars Lander Prepares to Move Arm

NASA's Phoenix Lander is ready to begin moving its robotic arm, first unlatching its wrist and then flexing its elbow. Mission scientists are eager to move Phoenix's robotic arm, for that arm will deliver ...

May 27, 2008
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Robots go Where Scientists Fear to Tread

Scientists are diligently working to understand how and why the world’s ice shelves are melting. While most of the data they need (temperatures, wind speed, humidity, radiation) can be obtained by satellite, ...

May 27, 2008
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