Archive: 02/27/2008

Brain activity linked to the parental instinct

Why do we almost instinctively treat babies as special, protecting them and enabling them to survive? Darwin originally pointed out that there is something about infants which prompts adults to respond to and care for them ...

Feb 27, 2008
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Polluted prey causes wild birds to change their tune

Considerable attention has been paid to the effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals in aquatic environments, but rather less attention has been given to routes of contamination on land. A new study, published in PLoS ON ...

Feb 27, 2008
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Animal magnetism provides a sense of direction

They may not be on most people’s list of most attractive species, but bats definitely have animal magnetism. Researchers from the Universities of Leeds and Princeton have discovered that bats use a magnetic substance in ...

Feb 27, 2008
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