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Extra tick restarts time, tech debate

Time marches on and so does the debate over whether a "leap second" does any good in helping Earth catch up with the world's atomic clocks.

Dec 26, 2005
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Tunnelling electrons speed up large area carbon electronics

Researchers at the Advanced Technology Institute at the University of Surrey have reported in the January 2006 issue of Nature Materials the first demonstration of negative resistance in amorphous semiconductors.

Dec 26, 2005
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China claims first anti-bird flu vaccine

China says its scientists have produced the world's first live vaccine against bird flu and Newcastle disease, both affecting poultry.

Dec 26, 2005
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Scientists Take Step Toward Faster Communication

By using electromagnetic waves instead of electrical current for switching, researchers have operated an optical modulator at terahertz frequencies – an accomplishment that could one day facilitate data transmission ...

Dec 26, 2005
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Networking: Gigabyte battlefields

Researchers are developing sophisticated networking technologies that enable military commanders to share tactical information -- right from the battlefield, in real-time, experts tell United Press International. ...

Dec 26, 2005
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Faces have a special place in the brain

Are you tempted to trade in last year's digital camera for a newer model with even more megapixels? Researchers who make images of the human brain have the same obsession with increasing their pixel count, ...

Dec 26, 2005
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Blue jays may have rebounded in Chicago

The Christmas Bird Count in the Chicago area is showing Blue Jays are returning to the region, the Chicago Ornithological Society said.

Dec 26, 2005
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Ban on feeding eagles considered in Alaska

For decades, eagles have been fed in Homer, Alaska, and the eagle population has soared, as has the tourist traffic, but some hope the feeding will stop.

Dec 26, 2005
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Galveston Island booming, but sinking

The economy of Galveston Island, Texas, with its 60,000 residents, is booming, but the narrow strip of land is sinking a few inches each decade.

Dec 26, 2005
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