Archive: 26/09/2008

Are we spending too much on health?

In this poor economic climate and period of lower growth is it time to consider limiting spending on healthcare budgets? Two experts debate the issue on today.

dateSep 26, 2008 in Health
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Social class dictates cancer risk

Cervical and lung cancer are more common in poor people while rates of breast cancer and melanoma are higher in the wealthy. A detailed analysis of the incidence of these four different kinds of cancer, carried out on more ...

dateSep 26, 2008 in Cancer
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Sexual practice of polygyny skews genetic variability

Researchers have found DNA evidence that polygyny, the practice among males of siring children with multiple female partners at the same time or successively, has led to an excess of genetic diversity on the X chromosome ...

dateSep 26, 2008 in
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