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ISS Crew Conducted Educational Experiment

To help teach hearing impaired students the physics of sound, the crew aboard the International Space Station conducted an educational experiment, demonstrating a musical instrument called a chicken shake. The crew showed ...

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UQ leads the way in research networking

The University of Queensland will be at the forefront of a new approach to research with the announcement of $4.85 million for three research network projects. As part of the Australian Research Council’s (ARC) $42 million ...

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Automobile fuel cells from sunflower oil

Researchers in England have found a promising method for producing hydrogen from sunflower oil, a development that could lead to cleaner and more efficient hydrogen production for powering automobile fuel cells as well as home ...

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Intel Invests in Speakeasy WiMax Networks

Speakeasy, a national independent broadband services provider, has received a strategic investment from the Intel Communications Fund, managed by Intel Capital. Speakeasy will use the capital to help expand network endeavors rel ...

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