Archive: 07/26/2006

Pfizer heart pill to be standalone therapy

U.S.-based Pfizer Inc., the world's largest pharmaceutical company, says it has decided to sell a new heart treatment medication as a standalone pill.

Jul 26, 2006
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Spouse might not become medical surrogate

U.S. researchers say one-third of married individuals choose someone other than their spouse as a surrogate for medical decision-making.

Jul 26, 2006
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'Long Tail' of music comes to cell phones

Lots of people would download music to their phones, if they could find something other than Gnarls Barkley, according to one mobile download infrastructure firm.

Jul 26, 2006
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New and improved right to the last drop

Biomolecules have become almost ubiquitous in laundry and personal care products. Biological washing powders usually contain enzymes to help digest stains while the latest shampoos and conditioners often use proteins to add ...

Jul 26, 2006
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Pre-life molecules present in comets

Evidence of atomic nitrogen in interstellar gas clouds suggests that pre-life molecules may be present in comets, a discovery that gives a clue about the early conditions that gave rise to life, according to researchers from ...

Jul 26, 2006
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