Archive: 06/26/2007

MIT tool determines landslide risk in tropics

Engineers at MIT have devised a simple yet effective system for determining an area's landslide risk, a tool that could help planners improve building codes, determine zoning and strengthen mitigation measures in mountainous ...

Jun 26, 2007
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A small leak will sink a great ship

During flowering four different types of floral organs need to be formed: sepals, which protect the inner organs; the frequently ornamental petals; stamens, which produce pollen and the carpels. This process ...

Jun 26, 2007
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Swift sees double supernova in galaxy

In just the past six weeks, two supernovae have flared up in an obscure galaxy in the constellation Hercules. Never before have astronomers observed two of these powerful stellar explosions occurring in the ...

Jun 26, 2007
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How fish punish 'queue jumpers'

Fish use the threat of punishment to keep would-be jumpers in the mating queue firmly in line and the social order stable, a new study led by Australian marine scientists has found.

Jun 26, 2007
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Sex in the morning or the evening?

Most research on sexual conflict ignores the fact that the fitness pay-offs of mating may change drastically over a short timescale, for example over a single day.

Jun 26, 2007
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