Archive: 26/05/2010

First radio tracking of tropical orchid bees

Blue-green orchid bees zip through increasingly scarce patches of tropical forest pollinating rare flowers. For the first time, researchers at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute track unique signals from tiny transmitters ...

dateMay 26, 2010 in Plants & Animals
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Yahoo paints brightening picture through 2013

(AP) -- Yahoo expects to make more money than management previously pledged as the slumping Internet company attracts more online advertisers and reaps savings from an upcoming search partnership with Microsoft.

dateMay 26, 2010 in Business
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First common gene found for congenital heart disease

Although congenital heart disease represents the most common major birth defect, scientists have not previously identified the common variation in the genes that give rise to it. Now genetics and cardiology researchers, two ...

dateMay 26, 2010 in Genetics
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