Archive: 03/26/2008

Brain's 'sixth sense' for calories discovered

The brain can sense the calories in food, independent of the taste mechanism, researchers have found in studies with mice. Their finding that the brain’s reward system is switched on by this “sixth sense” machinery ...

Mar 26, 2008
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Peace paradox and air terror

Peace agreements, stability and regional prosperity, in an interesting paradox, increase the risk of air terror in Israel, according to new research conducted by Lieutenant Colonel Ron Tuegeman under the supervision of Prof. ...

Mar 26, 2008
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Who's bad? Chimps figure it out by observation

Chimpanzees make judgments about the actions and dispositions of strangers by observing others’ behavior and interactions in different situations. Specifically, chimpanzees show an ability to recognize certain behavioral ...

Mar 26, 2008
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Study shows lifetime effects of pediatric liver transplants

Parents of pediatric liver transplant recipients report lower health-related quality of life for their children two years after the surgery, compared to reports from the parents of healthy children. However, reports of family ...

Mar 26, 2008
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Statistics are insufficient for study of proteins' signal system

Ten years ago great attention was attracted by the discovery that it was possible to demonstrate signal transfer in proteins using statistical methods. In an article in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sc ...

Mar 26, 2008
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Climate change threatens Amazonian small farmers

A six-year study of Amazonian small farmers and their responses to climate change shows the farmers are vulnerable to natural catastrophes and risky land use practices, say Indiana University Bloomington anthropologists ...

Mar 26, 2008
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