Archive: 03/26/2008

Basis created for directing and filming blood vessels

A new method of filming blood-vessel cells that move in accordance with targeted signals has been developed by researchers at Uppsala University in collaboration with researchers at the University of California. The method ...

Mar 26, 2008
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Retirees on the move are boon to some rural communities

Older people who move to rural retirement destinations are sometimes called "grey gold" because of the boon they are to the local economies. But the newcomers also drive up housing prices and can have other ...

Mar 26, 2008
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Dental chair a possible source of neurotoxic mercury waste

Mercury is a large component of dental fillings, but it is not believed to pose immediate health risks in that form. When exposed to sulfate-reducing bacteria, however, mercury undergoes a chemical change and becomes methylated, ...

Mar 26, 2008
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